Brenna Cheyney

"Giant Origami Flowers"- paper, spray paint, clear packing tape, fishing line, PVC pipe. After making about 50 regulation sized origami iris flowers for the installation at Gurrilla Fest at pehrspace, the only place to go from there was GIANT. So I made these four giants for an LA Fort presents show at NAUD, featuring Cuddle Formation, SK Kakraba, and Evan Voytas. Fellow Fort members Shaddy Zeineddine and Valentina Zapata contributed the twine orbs.

"Demon Child’s Room"- antique furniture, bronze sconces, lace, wood, stuffed animals, candles, crab shells, dried roses, plastic pearls, human hair, rabbit fur, synthetic hair, cotton stuffing, spray paint, acrylic paint, plastic heart, fabric, music box, picture frames, wallpaper, vintage lightbulb, bronze fragments, jewelry box. As part of a haunted house at NAUD, October 30- Nov. 1st, where I performed in the room as a Victorian Era demon child/ doll (costume & make-up also designed by your’s truly). 

"Untitled"- tree branches, recycled industrial manufacturing waste (plastic, rubber, cardboard), holographic paper, wax, balloons, slap bracelets, rope, fishing line, spray paint. Part of an installation for the Mt. Eerie, Ashley Eriksson (of LAKE), Jung Bouquet show at The L.A. Fort, April 16, 2013. 

Part of the work featured in a curatorial endeavor called Subversion Gallery from February 2010- May 2010. (no personal work pictured)

"The Housewife"- performance artists, wooden cabinet, live rats, rice, plates, linoleum flooring, piano, lamp, plastic sheeting, acrylic paint, rug, strobe light. An installation based on the 1960’s Korean film "The Housewife" for the Fringe Festival as a part of the Cinema Pacific Film Festival in Eugene, OR. 

"Chain, chain, chain"- plaster, fabric, charred wood. 2010. Group show with students of Tannaz Farsi, LaVerne Krause Gallery, University of Oregon.

"Oh, Goody!"- wax, balloons, yarn, light gels. 2009. Group show with David Lance JohnsonEric Schultz, Jackson Snellings and Arthaya Nootecharas in LaVerne Krause Gallery, University of Oregon.

"The Other"- wood, nylon, latex, lace, chair, cotton stuffing, Plexiglass mirror, bronze buttons. 2009. (includes picture of investment casting process that yielded bronze buttons pictured on chair).

“Untitled”- latex rubber, cotton stuffing, nylon, thread, lace, light bulb, brass hardware. Featured in group show in LaVerne Krause Gallery, Eugene, OR, Winter 2009.